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Warrandyte & Hurstbridge Police Stations

Warrandyte Police Station is one of two stations commissioned together as a pair in Melbourne’s green belt bush suburbs of Warrandyte and Hurstbridge. With the same brief and two distinctive sites, our first step was to make site-specific architecture to accommodate the generic programme of a 16-hour police station.

We pursued an economical architecture to achieve two different personalities for these two stations. The overall form of each building was afforded through a simple massaging of the programmatic arrangement, maintaining key functional relationships while achieving forms that respond to adjacent conditions. The second step was to provide identity to the stations through a luxurious face of lustrous green glazed bricks on an otherwise minimal concrete brick veneer shell.

The subtle articulation of glazed bricks to the front façade is strategic in achieving an architectural richness, offset through an economy of means in the building’s otherwise conventional domestic construction.

Warrandyte & Hurstbridge Police Stations

Completed 2007