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Kerstin Thompson 2023 Gold Medalist. Architecture Australia. Clarke, J, Hamann, C, Harrison, S, Wright, L, May/June issue
Commit to Memory. The Architectural Review (UK). Hyde, R. May issue featuring Melbourne Holocaust museum
Guesthouse and Art Museum near Sydney, Detail Magazine. Concept: Hotel, Hostels, Guesthouses. Schoof, J. Issue 3 featuring Bundanon Art Museum & Bridge
Poetry in Motion. Vogue Living. Kiely, A. January/February issue featuring Erskine River House


Shades of Grey: Kerstin Thompson Architects. The Monthly, July 2022, Neustein D
Climate Resilience: Our Buildings Need to Respond to Climate Disaster. Frame Magazine, Dowling, K, Nov 2022 – Jan 2023, issue 149 featuring Bundanon
Architecture Australia. Pender, P. July issue featuring Balfe Park Lane
Architecture Australia. Nimmo A. May/June issue featuring Bundanon Art Museum & Bridge


Kerstin Thompson Architects: Encompassing People and Place. Thames & Hudson, van Schaik, L


The ‘small’ issue: modest in size, big in impact. Architecture Australia, July/August issue featuring Jock Comini Amenities Reserve
Feeling Climate. Architect Victoria, Autumn issue, featuring Riversdale masterplan
The World Winery Collection. Forma Edizioni Italy, featuring TarraWarra Estate
Museum as Placemaker. Architecture & Design, School of Technology, Environments & Design, University of Tasmania. Routledge, Taylor and Francis Publishing
Architecture Winners Embrace the Past while Eyeing the Future. The Sydney Morning Herald, July 10. Edgar, R
Broadmeadows “Pink Elephant” Town Hall Ready to Serve a New Generation. Domain, July 31. O’Brien, M.


The Material City: Density and Design in Contemporary Australian Architecture. Ringer, R, Dry Press Publishing, featuring KTA’s Studio 9 Wertheim Factory conversion
The Stables, VCA – The University of Melbourne, Southbank Campus. Architecture Australia, vol. 108, no. 2, Mar/Apr.
The Material City: Density and Design in Contemporary Australian Architecture. Dry Press Publishing, Sydney. Ringer, R


Urban Sanctuary, Black, R and Johnson, A, Thames and Hudson, featuring KTA’s Apartment House
‘Shepparton Art Museum’, in M Baracco & L Wright (eds), Repair: Australian Pavilion, 16th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale Di Venezia 2018. Actar Publishers, New York, and Australian Institute of Architects, Melbourne, 2018. Baracco, M & L Wright


Twenty-One Australian Architects Breaking New Ground McCartney. K, Belle Publications
Chasing the Sky: 20 Stories of Women in Architecture. Riera Ojeda, O, Maven Publishing
Among Buildings. Roper, M & Geddes, S
Sandcastles: Australia’s Greatest Coastal Homes, Coquhoun, P
TarraWarra Estate Cellar Door. Artichoke, Issue 58, 2017. Baumgart, M


The User Perspective On Twenty-First-Century Art Museums. Lindsay, G
Apartment House & Single House – No Future, Architecture Australia, Jan/Feb edition
Living in the Landscape. Black, R & Johnson, A
Stillness, Clarity, Integrity, Landscape Architecture Australia, February edition
Where are the Women Architects? The Age, August 20
Office of the Victorian Government Architect: Good Design + Heritage. Issue 07 featuring Wertheim Factory Conversion
KTA Architects, in Prototyping for Architects. Thames & Hudson, London. Burry, M & J Burry
Monash University Museum of Art, in The User Perspective on Twenty-First-Century Art Museums. Routledge, New York. Lindsay, G


Concrete Plans, Dwell, October edition
Practical Poetics, Healing Our City. Van Schaik, L
Architects’ Houses: Twenty Australian Homes. Murdoch Books, Sydney. Crafti, S
A Richly Furnished Home Frames Striking Landscape Views. Dwell, October. Hay, D
Kerstin Thompson Architects, Community Police Station, Marysville, Victoria, Australia, 2012, in Practical Poetics in Architecture. John Wiley & Sons, Chichester.


Victoria, Australia: Five Years after the Fire, The Architectural Review (UK), July edition.
Marysville 16 Hour Police Station, Architecture Australia, October edition.
ArchitectureAU. The Houses of KTA
Office of Victorian Government Architect: Design + Education, featuring Birralee Primary School


Monument 112. Light and Shade. House at Big Hill. Blondell, J
Houses 91. Kerstin Thompson Profile. Clark, J


Momentum: New Victorian Architecture. London, G
Fire, Crime & Accident. Fire Departments, Police Stations, Rescue Services. Braun Publishing
Architect Victoria. Awards 2012 Edition. House at Big Hill


Architecture Australia. July/Aug -Carrum Downs Police Station
Architect Victoria. Awards 2011 Edition – MUMA & Carrum Downs Police Station
Architecture Australia. Jan/Feb – MUMA pp. 80- 85
The Encyclopedia of Australian Architecture. Cambridge University Press, Melbourne. Goad, P & J Willis


High Exposure. Wish Magazine, The Australian. December
Backbone of a University. The Age Business, December 8
From Sketch to Skyline. The Age A2, December 4
A Place in the Sun: Innovative Homes Designed for our Climate: Australia & New Zealand – Harrison, S


Monocle. October Issue Warrandyte Police Station
Architecture Australia pp 84-92, Irvine House – Hamann, C
Justice for All. Monocle, Issue 27,October. Dent, J & J Bleyer


Re Housing. Murray, S.; Ramirez, D.; Whibley, S
The Australian House: House in Ivanhoe – Johnson, A
Architecture Highlights, 44 new generation architects
A Place in the Country, New Rural Architecture, Australia & New Zealand
The Global Architect: Firms, Fame and Urban Form. McNeill. D


Visiting the Australian Garden. Architecture Australia, vol. 96, no. 1, Jan/Feb.


Kerstin Thompson in Design City Melbourne. Wiley Academy, Chichester


A Simple Gesture across a Piece of Land. Architecture Australia, vol. 93, no. 1, Jan/Feb. Macarthur, J.
Melbourne Rising Low, in D Sokol (ed.), ‘Property Development + Progressive Architecture: The New Alliance’. Architectural Design, vol. 74, no. 1, Jan/Feb.


‘Around the Drum Court in New Australia Style 2: Inner City Living. Thames & Hudson, London. Gollings, J & G Mitchell.
Kerstin Thompson: House at Lake Connewarre, Leopold, in G London (ed.), Houses for the 21st Century. Pesaro Publishing, Sydney. London, G


Medium Density. Architecture Australia, vol. 91, no. 2, Mar/Apr. Murray, S
Poetics in Architecture. Architectural Design, vol. 72, no. 2, Mar. Van Schaik, L


New Directions in Australian Architecture. Pesaro Publishing, Sydney, 2001. Bingham-Hall, P & P Goad
Sheet Metal Factory. Monument, Issue 44. Hook, M


Al di là del muro, Costruire 205, June
Australian Architecture Now. Thames & Hudson, London. Jackson, D & C Johnson.


Box of Joys. Architecture Australia, vol. 88, no. 5, Sep/Oct. Van Schaik, L


Tectonics, in Pacific Edge: Contemporary Architecture on the Pacific Rim. Thames & Hudson, London and Rizzoli, New York. Zellner, P


Projects in Progress: Skenes Creek. Monument, Issue 18.


‘Bridging’. Transition, no. 52/53. Black, R
The Secret Life of Contemporary Melbourne Architecture. B Arkitekturtidsskrift,Issue 52/53. Evans, D.
98 Webb Street Residence. Monument, Issue 13


Beach Bunker. Interior Architecture, no. 34. Kovac, T

Writings by Kerstin Thompson


Imaging the Future Museum: 21 Dialogues with Architects. Hatje Cantz, Szántó’s, A


Feeling Climate. Architect Victoria, Autumn
Museum as Place-maker, in G Lindsay (ed.), Contemporary Museum Architecture and Design: Theory and Practice of Place. Routledge, New York
Small Public: Relativities. Architecture Australia, vol. 109, no. 4, Jul/Aug


Dignity with a Modesty of Means, in V Mitsogianni & P Macasaet (eds), Influence: Edmond & Corrigan + Peter Corrigan. Uro Publications, Melbourne


Spatial Continuums: Linear, Radial, and Clustered Architectures in Practice, in P Sparke, P Brown, P Lara-Betancourt, G Lee & M Taylor (eds), Flow: Interior, Landscape and Architecture in the Era of Liquid Modernity. Bloomsbury Visual Arts, London


The Burden of Landscape. Architect Victoria, Summer


Single House – No Future?. Architecture Australia, vol. 105, no. 1, Jan/Feb


Beyoncé or Barak: Is It a Real Choice?. Architecture AU, September 1
Design Negotiations, in D Bates, V Mitsogianni & D Ramírez-Lovering (eds), Studio Futures: Changing Trajectories in Architectural Education. Uro Publications, Melbourne

h5(u-pt). 2014

10 Lessons. Parlour, March 14


Affinities, in R Boyd, Living in Australia, revised edition. Thames & Hudson, Melbourne
More Than. Architectural Review Asia Pacific, Issue 131


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Gradient Architectures. Architecture Australia, vol.90, no. 3, May/June

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Detail in the Work of Guilford Bell: A Problem of Evidence in L van Schaik (ed.), Bell: The Life and Work of Guilford Bell, Architect 1912–1992. Bookman Press, Melbourne


Architecture and Angels. Kerb Journal, RMIT University, Melbourne


Architecture and Angels: Shifting Grounds. Exedra –Architecture, Art & Design, vol. 5, no. 2