Shepparton Art Museum


Ben Pakulsky

Anya Lee

Tamsin O’reilly

Hilary Sleigh

Kelly Mackay

Rather than resist this landscape of flood and drought our approach is to extend the wetland ecology to SAM and build resilient buildings and landscapes that can handle a dynamic river system.


Sheltering Canopy Our approach consolidates the bulk of SAM’s program to the first floor to spread the building over a greater area to create a substantial protective canopy; a shaded, high quality open space for all weather use.

Democratic Ground Plane Central to our design is the creation of a democratic ground plane, which functions not only to provide a variety of spaces for multiple and flexible use (BBQs, workshops, café and public events) but also to render the new SAM welcoming and accessible.

Environmentally sustainable design features / principles: - New biodiverse roofscape will be raised up to provide complementary habitat to the Victoria Park site - Water run-off from surfaces will be filtered and treated on site for non-potable purposes. Water from car parking areas will utilise permeable surfaces to attenuate and collect run-off that will be filtered and polished through use of native wetland plants - Adaptive, seasonal approach to comfort using passive ventilation and daylight to achieve desired conditions, whilst minimising energy use - The roof is conceived as a biodiverse landscape utilising a relatively low-thickness (lightweight) topping created from recycled brick or other low environmental impact material to create a perfect habitat for invertebrates, reptiles and nesting birds adding to the indigenous biodiversity of the site