Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

In combination with the Arts & Culture and Sports & Entertainment precincts it will complete the triangle of our city’s attractions. Our approach included exploring – what other visitor opportunities can supplement the more traditional offerings of the botanic gardens? and, how might RBGV attract and engage with a broader audience and elicit commercial opportunity from its facilities?


Our key objectives: - A unique nexus between nature and science - Increase the focus of the visitor experience on people in relation to plants and vice versa - Interrelate and integrate the experience of the various sciences – botany, ethnobotany, astronomy/ethnoastronomy, time-keeping & meteorology – within the garden setting towards the creation of the science and nature precinct - Foster greater exchange and sharing of green infrastructure, facilities, brand through aligned values of RBGV and MCC - Reinforce gardens’ relationship with the river, broader ecology and pre-settlement landscape - Celebrate and promote both the Indigenous and European history of the gardens’ site as it relates to the development of Melbourne