Art Gallery & Education Centre, TarraWarra Museum of Art


Claire Humphreys

Leo Showell

Grant Dixon

Sophie Nicholaou

Michael Whittingham

Audrey Shaw

Martin Allen

Leonard Meister

Sarah Cooper

Viet Truong

Hilary Sleigh

Paul Lau

Tamsin O’reilly

The facility serves a dual role as both a cultural repository and an educational hub. Within its walls, it will house a curated selection of 300 artworks drawn from the TarraWarra Museum of Art’s permanent collection of Australian painting and sculpture. This noteworthy feature distinguishes itself through an innovative approach: the artworks will be viewable to visitors through a secure glass wall, acting as an engaging and informative educational tool.


Designed to support educational workshops, lectures, forums and conferences, the spaces are flexible and adaptable. The centre will also facilitate a diverse array of cultural events including exhibitions, performances, classical music concerts and live arts events, accommodating gatherings of up to 200 attendees. The range of offerings reflects EMBC’s commitment to fostering artistic exploration, cultural enrichment, and intellectual engagement.