Bundanon Art Museum & Bridge


Lloyd McCathie

Michael Archibald

Darcy Dunn

Kelsey Jovanou

Margot Watson

Kim Jang Yun

Tamsin O’Reilly

Audrey Shaw

Ben Pakulsky

Karina Piper

Henry Russell

Jasmine Placentino

Thomas Huntingford

Caroline Chong

Kristoffer Koefoed-Hansen

Sophie Nicholaou

Benjamin Tan

Tobias Pond

Scott Diener

Kelley Mackay

Claire Humphreys


Shaun Paul

Christopher Kelley, AW

Nigel James, AW

Sam Ellis, AW

Client: Bundanon Trust

Landscape Architects: Wraight Associates, NZ with Craig Burton

Sustainable Design Engineers: Atelier 10

Engineers: Irwin Consult (later WSP)

Services Engineers: Steensen Varming

Builder: Adco

The purpose of Bundanon is to foster an appreciation for and understanding of art and environment. So these works enable it to expand as a centre for creative arts, education, research and ideas and open up the $46.5M collection, previously hidden, to the public with an art museum of national and international significance. Bundanon, repositioned as a regional gem, for all.


Developed as a suite of buildings and landscapes the concept integrates the many aspects of the site’s history (Indigenous, Pastoral, The Boyds’, Education Trust) to work as a rich ensemble of distinct historic and cultural periods in the site’s evolution.

The new works comprise of site infrastructure and two buildings – the Art Museum embedded in the landscape and The Bridge, a Creative Learning Centre with accommodation, suspended above a gully. This core visitor program is collocated adjacent to the historic Boyd cluster to achieve an accessible, centralised and single heart, of existing and new, united by a common level, Forecourt and Arrival Hall.

It incorporates radical solutions to a changing climate with a net zero energy target and will be defendable against fire and flood which for millenia have shaped this landscape. The Art Museum, with Collection Store, is resistant to fire. It is subterranean. By contrast the Bridge is resilient. Treated as flood infrastructure the architecture supports rather than impedes the overland flow and sporadic floodwaters below it. A 165-metre-long by a 9-metre-wide structure that at one end abuts the Art Museum within the sloping hillside, bridges the reinstated wet gully and accommodates 32 bedrooms, breezeways, creative learning, dining spaces and a public cafe.

Site Plan

Site Plan

Gallery Floor Plan

Gallery Floor Plan

Landscape Section

Landscape Section

Gallery Sections looking South and West

Gallery Sections looking South and West

Bridge Floor Plan

Bridge Floor Plan