St Margaret's Grammar School


Kelly Mackay

Erica Diakoff

Michael Archibald

A social hub, it provides event spaces for the school community and is sited to complete an existing courtyard with a weeping willow as a focal point. The building is sited to complete an existing courtyard providing the fourth and defining piece around a rectangular and sloping lawn; its focal point being a superb weeping willow.


KTA, as principal consultant, coordinated a full consultant team. Particular emphasis was placed on environmentally sustainable design undertaken in close collaboration with Umow Lai from the early stages of the basic building envelope and arrangement of spaces.

Passive design supports the intensive mechanical servicing required for this program. Breezeways for cross flow ventilation and eaves in combination with the perforated Colorbond skin provide shade relief. Skylights provide natural light to work and teaching spaces. A social hub, the café and restaurant provide an event space for school functions and celebrations while consolidating the school’s curriculum in food technology studies.

Considering the intensive servicing of such a building – multiple kitchens and amenities – the building represents good value achieved for a limited budget. ‘Dressing up’ a relatively simple and efficient configuration of spaces with economical materials has achieved a distinctive new addition to the campus of St Margaret’s School Berwick.