Sacred Heart, Abbotsford Convent


William Samuels

Erica Diakoff

Lynn Chew

Tamsin O’reilly

Scott Diener

Audrey Shaw

Builder: FDC Construction & Fitout

Recent works by KTA enable the use of what were virtually abandoned buildings for a mix of creative business, workshops and learning spaces as well as venues for cultural events and artisan-type retail.


The key challenge was to achieve regulatory compliance with a degree of delight and respect for the highly variegated and listed heritage fabric. Resisting the urge to unify the variety of spaces, the broader result is a veritable palimpsest indexing the many histories and uses of the convent.

The Bridge is the most visible sign of the otherwise subtle changes that have taken place largely within the adjacent interiors, the bare minimum to support new uses and opportunities.

Ground Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Bridge Section

Bridge Section