Aesop Chadstone + Carindale

KTA’s approach to materials and forms were a celebration of the “artisan” – a reflection of the care intrinsic to the development of Aesop’s products. The design focusses on the sustainably sourced local timber – crafted simple forms enriched through the expression of the grain of the Victorian Ash hardwood.


As with all Aesop stores the designs respond to the situation. At Chadstone the soft hue and matt texture of the timber (experienced visually but also underfoot and through other forms of touch) provides a soothing interval within the conservatory aesthetic of the arcade which is by contrast reflective and illuminated with abundant natural light.

An operable panel works with the tapered outline of the tenancy. During business hours it presents an open front that invites customers into the space and creates a positive interface between Aesop and the ‘street’. Incorporating a tester and display unit after hours it can be closed to secure the tenancy while also providing a presentable face to the centre.

At Carindale located Queensland, the store’s frame forms an elegant enclosure that filters bright external light, creating a soft palette and an immersive space that is intimate and calm. The designs, although complimentary, still offer a unique retail experience for customers to these specialist stores.

Ground Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan