Preston South Primary School


Lloyd McCathie

Tobias Pond

Kelley Mackay

Viet Truong

Anastasia Sklavakis

Darcy Dunn

Margot Watson

Thomas Huntingford

Builder: AMP Group Client: Victorian School Board Authority

The school’s educational philosophy, embedded in actively teaching the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), laid the foundation for this sustainable architectural journey.


Beyond the functional aspects, the building serves as a catalyst for broader discussions. It is a platform for discourse on sustainability, community resilience, climate change, and the well-being of future leaders. The school’s vision extends beyond the walls, emphasising the importance of nurturing life-long learners who actively participate in and contribute to the global community.

Within the constraints of a tight campus site, a compact footprint, the vertical building maximised space for various educational needs, incorporating collaborative, informal, and outdoor learning areas, including specialised science spaces, quiet zones, break areas, administration, reception, and staff areas. The indoor environment prioritised long-term health and well-being, emphasising connections between indoor and outdoor spaces, ample natural light, outside air provision, and the use of natural materials with low embodied energy. The learning spaces are grouped into learning neighbourhoods to facilitate the option for team teaching. Spaces are flexible and adaptable, with sliding panels and operable walls to connect or close down, facilitating purposeful zoning.