Shepard's Bridge

Drawing upon the benefits of parametric modeling we propose a structural system that can easily be varied in its configuration to respond to user group requirements, site conditions, budget and fabrication methods. A seemingly continuous element that links east and west the structure can be tailored as required during the next stages of the design process.


An experience of place – Shepherd’s bridge marks the transition between east and west, between the cities of Melbourne and Maribrynong. Our design seeks to amplify the visual and acoustic landscape that will accompany cyclists and pedestrians on their journey across this river.

The proposed pathway and bridges comprises of two main elements: a skeletal steel structure on the south side and an opaque concrete wall on the north side. On the dockside the design is transparent exposing the user to views towards the docks and over the river. A swelling in the plan of the pathway over the river will also create a rest stop from which to enjoy the southern view of the docks and watercourse below. On the road side the concrete wall, sometimes retaining, gradually increases to a maximum height on Shepherds bridge. It will act as a protective sound and traffic barrier: to reduce the acoustic assault that currently dominates the experience of crossing the existing bridge and to clearly separate pedestrians and cyclists from trucks to provide a less encumbered traffic route.