KTA Lothian Street Studio


Sarah Cooper

Tobias Pond

Grant Dixon

Laura Patterson

Maya Le Bransky

Viet Truong

Builder: EMAC
Lighting: Edward Linacre Studio

Our approach to the design of our new studio at Lothian Street reflects our commitment to subtlety, graciousness, and adaptive use and recycling. We aimed to create a space that not only aligns with our ethos and design principles but also supports our team’s creativity.


To optimise our budget, we repurposed as much as possible from our existing office, even bringing along the kitchen sink. This allowed us to allocate more of the budget towards enhancing staff amenities and fostering a strong connection between people and their surroundings, which was particularly important after a prolonged period of remote work.

Our location offers the distinct advantage of a strong connection to our surroundings. By frequently opening the sliding doors to the laneway, we expand our studio space and foster meaningful interactions with our local neighbours, creating a genuine sense of community and enriching our overall experience. This connection to the neighborhood enhances our creativity, productivity, and overall satisfaction with our workspace.

A significant portion of the design process took place on-site, involving close collaboration between our team, the builder, and key contractors. We actively sought opportunities to incorporate the building’s history and repurpose existing materials. Rather than constructing new joinery, we chose to retain and reuse all joinery from our old studio. Additionally, we purchased only three lighting fittings while repurposing or reusing a total of 44 fixtures. We prioritised efficient treatment of the building shell, installing effective mechanical systems and promoting natural ventilation to minimize ongoing operational costs.

Existing and Proposed

Existing and Proposed

Ground Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan