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Jock Comini Reserve Amenities


Claire Humphreys

Michael Archibald

Scott Diener

Builder: Commercial Building & Property Services
Client: Regional Roads Victoria

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Light filled, airy and pleasant are the qualities on offer for users of the rest stop in contrast to the typically dark and dank public toilet experience. Glazed and stainless-steel walls reflect and transmit the colours of the surrounding bush. The curved layout and the low-lying roof form a distinctive intervention in the Ravenswood landscape.


KTA’s approach anticipated the design and construction process for this VicRoads project. Proprietary wall systems, repeat elements and a limited number of details were used with some components completed off-site for quality control and ease of construction. Much of the architectural delight stems from the repetition and rhythm of these repeat elements and early studies revealed that the arrangement and configuration of these could be varied to respond to briefing, client preferences and site requirements.

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Ground Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan