2023 AIA National Awards

We are so excited the Melbourne Holocaust Museum has received a Public Architecture award at the 2023 AIA National Awards this week.
Thanks to the jury: Shannon Battinsson (Chair), Shaneen Fantin, William Smart, Stephanie Kitingan and Scott Burchell


The jury cited:
“A holocaust museum’s content is sensitive, and the building’s design must be approached in the right way. Here, the method is one of absolute consistency, from the strong cohesive urban form to the exhibition spaces and their connecting circulation areas.
The street facade is made from glass and clay bricks woven together, expressing the functions within and culminating in a large lantern. The new building is cast snugly over the existing heritage facade, and the two elements work beautifully together. Their combination yields a building that has gravitas and humanity, and it represents an innovative approach to the integration of heritage fabric.”

Our gratitude to Jayne Josem and the team at the Melbourne Holocaust Museum for their support over the many years. The project has been a journey starting with a design competition in 2014, and lengthy design and approvals processes before construction commencing in 2020.

And thank you to our project and extended consultant team, for their unwavering commitment.

Link to full citation