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Tarrawarra Museum of Art

The Tarrawarra Museum of Art is an outstanding cultural initiative. Our proposal is distinguished by a design philosophy which integrates an artistic, landscape and architectural vision for this unique venture. The starting point has been the generosity and vision of this philanthropic initiative which will offer a singular private collection of recent and contemporary Australian art for public appreciation.

As a museum, our design offers an intense and richly layered spatial experience which allows for curatorial flexibility. The location for the Museum has inspired us to use a number of formal and topographic elements from Yarra Valley and vineyard landscapes which have enabled us to interweave landscape, architecture and art. Rather than site the Museum on a peak to command the landscape our semi-embedded Museum nestles between two spurs in the dip above the lake working with the peaks and troughs of the landscape.

Echoing the patterns, rhythms and view corridors of the vineyard the building is a series of elegant bands. These bands some flat and some gently stepped or ramped, provide the visitor with the experience of walking through and across a valley which connects them to the larger landscape.

Bridging the valley the Museum creates a new typography and occupiable landscape formed by the Sculpture Walk and Formal Garden. The elegant complex emerges from the landscape. Architecturally the Museum’s discrete sections are unified by massive and dramatic eaves which, like a veranda, provides both a shelter and threshold from which to contemplate art, place and time.

Tarrawarra Museum of Art

Concept Design for Limited Competition, 2000