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Homes for Life

VicUrban’s Homes for Life project is dedicated to providing accessible and adaptable housing stock with a greater consideration for the diverse needs of an aging population, those with disabilities, and for the changing family unit, with a focus on life-cycle within housing types.

KTA was engaged by VicUrban to develop the site masterplanning of the Roxburgh Park Homes for Life initiative.

Prioritizing environmental and social sustainability, KTA developed a range of dwellings which aim to achieve a six-star rating at an affordable purchase price. The envisaged development comprises of one and two level, attached and semi-detached housing types, including potential garage-top studio apartments, similar to a mews.

Masterplanning of the Roxburgh Park site will maximize accessible design outcomes in the public realm to facilitate a strong sense of community. The scheme is ideally located adjacent to the railway station, local retail centre, schools and community services.

VicUrban Homes for Life Masterplan

Feasibility Study 2007