QV Pod H images/674.jpg

QV Pod H

This creche, carpark and office building is one of several which together form QV – a new development of an entire city block in Melbourne made available by the demolition of a women’s hospital. Four iconic towers mark the corners of the site. Woven between these are a series of laneways and two smaller buildings – our building (pod h) and the last remaining fabric of the former hospital in the “blood and bandages” style.

Our design uses scale, colour and materials to relate these two buildings and consolidate their role as intervals. The notion of the building as interval is critical to understanding architecture as one moment of many that in sequence orchestrate a larger topographic landscape for example. It is a counter argument to the reduction of architecture to icon in the fashioning of our cities.

QV Pod H

Completed 2005

Photography: Trevor Mein, Meinphoto