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Kerr Street Housing

The redevelopment of this heritage building is the latest in a series of housing projects KTA has designed in the inner-city Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy. We successfully achieved town planning approval for 51 dwellings – without a VCAT hearing – and recently appointed Robert Di Mano Constructions as the builder. Construction is due to commence in May 2018.

The proposal retains the existing two-storey heritage building which will be converted into double storey townhouses along the street frontage. Above this is proposed six new storeys of apartments. These are accommodated in three wings arranged to the perimeter of the site and around a large central courtyard. In accordance with environmentally sustainable design (ESD) principles, building envelopes are kept slim to provide all apartments with dual aspect and a high level of natural light and ventilation. The courtyard will include a significant level of planting to create a green aspect for the interior of the development and the neighbouring property.

The materials and forms of the new addition are distinct from that of the heritage building and will provide a well-defined urban corner complementary to the mixed fabric of Fitzroy’s industrial and residential history. Like all our housing projects, the provision of private residential amenity and urban consolidation is exploited to contribute positively to and build on the valued qualities of the neighbourhood.

ESD features include water retention for courtyard irrigation, double glazing, solar hot water, vertical screens and eaves for shading, and natural light and ventilation.

Kerr Street Housing

Under Construction

Client: Private developer

Builder: Robert Di Mano Constructions