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Blairgowrie House

The program of the house is a meditation on the ways in which the holiday house allows for different forms of occupation and everyday habits in comparison to more permanent dwellings. The looser social and familial relations that are particular to the ‘time’ of the holiday house are accommodated efficiently within two pavilions that together form the dwelling.

The use of unfinished compressed cement sheet panels produces a building that is robust, and marked by both a financial and architectural economy. The subtle variation in the treatment of these panels – fixed, operable and /or perforated – affords an openness of program, an index of use and a responsiveness to climatic and seasonal variation.

When occupied the building can be opened out to the seaside environment through a series of doors, which breach the shell. When not occupied the building becomes an uncommonly neat pair of forms.

Blairgowrie House

Completed 2005