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University of Auckland Masterplan

The masterplan for sector 300 of the University of Auckland was prepared via a multi disciplinary team including architecture, landscape, structural and environmental engineering for the early analysis and subsequent design intent. The document outlined a comprehensive set of guiding principles that set out a physical framework for the next 20-30 years that aims to accommodate and assist realisation of the university’s strategic plan.

Our document was arranged in 3 parts: Observations identifying Opportunities & Constraints; Campus Design Intents and Sector Masterplan Intents. We undertook a detailed analysis of the existing conditions with regards to urban design and the quality of the public realm. We developed a set of campus wide principles with sector specific applications to guide future development. We provided indicative building envelope and massing options to test the potential yield of the sector. We assessed the lifespan span condition of the existing building stock and the structural viability for its adaptive re-use.

All of this work was then integrated with the University’s campus wide masterplan which was developed through workshops in tandem with the other sectors.

In summary the work we undertook identified for the client considerably more ambitious development and yield opportunities for the campus and ways to achieve this with due regard for a high level of social and environmental sustainability.

University of Auckland Masterplan

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