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Long Life Loose Fit

A competition winning design on the plains to Melbourne’s east, this Long Life Loose Fit building for a technology estate extends the possibilities for a bioclimatically sensitive architecture using conventional industrial and commercial construction types. The building is a continuous structure in increments of 12-metre bays. The project’s construction was to be staged, and in response to this the architectural integrity is not dependent upon entire stages being completed. It has no formal beginning or end.

The three seemingly continuous bands which form the building’s skin twist and vary in degrees of transparency to create particular relations to solar orientation. Exploiting fundamental principles of environmentally sustainable design – including operable windows and a slim building envelope for effective cross ventilation – the design avoids elaborate add-on systems. It uses bio-climatic principles and an innovative interior layout to provide a healthy and sustainable alternative to conventional office space. The flexible nature of the interior spaces ensures a long lifespan for the building because it could be easily adapted to suit a variety of different tenants. The foyers– naturally lit and ventilated by skylights– are designed as light-filled and dynamic spaces ideal for informal meetings.

Long Life Loose Fit Building Masterplan for RMIT

Completed 1998