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Mac.Robertson Girls' School

Mac.Roberston Girls’ High School is a preeminent government school with a long and outstanding academic record. The original building of 1934 is of similar repute within architectural circles. Its distinctive cream and coloured brickwork is recognised as a significant part of our local built history. Over the last two decades a further two buildings have been added to expand the campus of MacRob, yet still the curriculum is somewhat constrained by the current quantity and quality of space.

Initially selected to design a new student commons KTA preceded this commission by undertaking a masterplan. The aim of this was to assess the existing facilities, their potential for adaptive re-use and the extent of real need for additional space to supplement the current building stock. The masterplan outlines changes to the existing buildings in addition to proposing a new purpose built tower that will future proof the school despite the restricted site on the edge of Albert Park. It adopts the idea of the vertical campus – one that exploits a relatively small footprint – to greatly increase potential fl oor area while maintaining precious open space. The resultant spaces will provide for a mix of traditional and non-traditional teaching opportunities and enhanced student and staff facilities.

MacRobertson Girls’ School Masterplan